Fresh Beats is a Christian faith based organisation in West 
London that exists to inspire and enable young people
to take responsibility for their actions and community
‘change their tune’.

Who are the Fresh Beats Team?

Facilitated by experienced youth workers, producers, artists and designers, the Fresh Beats Team inspires and coaches some of London's most talented teenagers to aspire for greater things
and use their gifting to make the world a better place.


Using an interactive program with music, videos, games and discussion, Fresh Beat s Workshops inspire creativity and positive decision making. We run weekly workshops in west London as well as workshops in schools.

"Fresh Beats teach students in an all-inclusive, innovative and engaging approach. Linking music to  difficult  situations our disaffected and highly challenging  students may incur on a daily basis. Energetic, fun and thought provoking always gives us -  the Educators things to think about!" Burlington Danes Academy

Fresh Beats INSPIRE

By highlighting local need and challenging students to respond with action, Fresh Beats Inspire develops social awareness and community spirit.


Fresh Beats Enterprise challenges students to set bold and complex goals and offers guidance and encouragement as they strive to achieve greater things.