I met the Eden Ladbroke Grove team (the parent Charity of Fresh Beats London) when I was 13. I went along to youth club with my mates. I liked the Eden workers and started attending Sunday Meal where we chat, eat and pray for each other.

At that time loads of my mates were selling and smoking drugs and getting in fights. I’d enjoyed hanging out with my mates since we were at infant school but I wasn’t interested in getting involved with drugs and fighting. Eden Ladbroke Grove provided places I could relax with my mates and not worry about those things because they were against the rules.

Jamie, the youth leader, ran a Fresh Beats rap week in the summer holidays 2012. I hadn’t rapped before but thought it sounded fun. By the end of the week we’d recorded a group track called ‘Dream It!’ I felt proud of my verse and what I’d accomplished.

In summer 2013 we held another rap week where we recorded ‘Focus’. My verse was all about staying focused on my dream to become a professional chef. After I’d recorded my verse Jamie,  started asking me to cook for different events. I cook for the Sunday Meal, Big Breakfast Sunday and other community events.

In September 2013 I started a two year college course studying food and catering. It’s made me more passionate about food. We’re planning to launch  Fresh Eats as a project to help me develop as a Chef.

Over the last two years I’ve also been on  trips to Soul Survivor, a Christian Camp where we heard about Jesus. The Eden team always talk to us about God having a plan for our lives, but Soul Survivor gave me more time to think about it. In September 2014 I decided I wanted to take my belief in Jesus more seriously and started attending a discipleship group run by Eden on a Wednesday night. Because I want to follow Jesus’ plan for my life I got baptised in December 2014.

This year at Soul Survivor I was praying about my future and couldn’t shake the feeling that I need some time away from life in Ladbroke Grove. It was a massive challenge because despite the negative things about Ladbroke Grove, it’s my home and I love being round all my family and friends. 

We told Jamie that we felt like we needed to move away from Ladbroke Grove to get some space to develop and really work out what Gods plan for our lives is. We hadn’t heard of ‘Message Academy’ but Jamie showed us the website and straight away it felt like the right thing. It was the last day to apply so Me and Shyheim filled out an application form each and sent them straight away. We went for our interviews a week later and were accepted.

We still need to raise the monthly support for living costs whilst we’re there (£200 per month) so we are praying hard and that God will help us raise the funds!